TopicIs Massage Therapy the Best Treatment for Back Pain?

  • Fri 23rd Oct 2020 - 11:15am

    The next way to attack and treat fibromyalgia is by the Feel Good Knees for Fast Pain Relief administering high concentration of oxygen. I test patient oxygen levels through an Ohmeda TuffSat. This device tests both the SPO2 specific oxygen level and the PIr® perfusion index. The former measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. Cardiologically we would like the SPO2 to be at 90% or above. Neurologically we like the SPO2 to be at 98% or above. The brain needs more oxygen then any other part of the body.

    The latter measures the amount of oxygen in the cells. We want this number to be at 3.0 or above. Every fibromyalgia patient I have ever checked has been low in one or usually both of these numbers. The oxygen treatment also helps with two different issues like the NSSD. It helps disc problems heal up faster and better. And NSSD also helps the brain optimize its function.

    The fourth point of attack is nutritionally. It doesn't matter how good of a job we have done with reprogramming the brain and raising the oxygen availability to the brain if the body doesn't have the correct structural components to rebuild itself. I liken this process to a house that has been damaged due to a storm.

    You can hire the best contractor to rebuild your house and have the best architectural drawings to work from, but it you don't have the good quality building materials, you can't rebuild the house correctly.

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