TopicHow to Balance Your Throat Chakra

  • Fri 27th Nov 2020 - 5:19am

    This brings me to the whole purpose of practicing tantra is a prescribed Angelum Lucis Review  format under a qualified tantric teacher. We all come to the path of path of enlightenment as dim or even snuffed-out candles. We come to the path of truth because we are confused by lies. We seek purification because our senses have been contaminated. The process of attaining enlightenment, truth and purification requires us to be cleansed first.

    If you are keen to be learn the secrets of kundalini tantra and are willing to invest time, patience and energy in practicing the prescribed techniques, be sure to find a genuine tantric master who can guide your path. You can indeed be transformed by this wonderful mystical science - but be aware of the dangers of trying to do this on your own.

    The Vishuddha or Throat Chakra rules speaking your truth, it is the center of communication, self expression and judgment. The Vishuddha influences your ability to express yourself in poetry and the written word, and your will power and faith.

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